We’ve Gone Digital!

High-quality dental X-rays are essential for the accurate diagnosis of nearly any dental issue. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old-style X-ray films, which were very good and provided a great deal of information. But more recently, advances in computer technology have resulted in the development of a new diagnostic tool: digital X-rays.

All digital systems provide a dentist with excellent images. We investigated various options in great detail, and we chose to go with the DEXIS digital X-ray system for our patients.

DEXIS, in conjunction with advanced computer software, allows us to get almost instantaneous images in large sizes with amazing clarity. I can manipulate the images to zero in on areas of interest to more accurately diagnose the dental problem. With the large images, it’s very easy to show my patients exactly what’s going on and what’s needed. In fact, it’s the best patient education tool I ever bought! The system is more comfortable for our patients, and even better – it has two-thirds less radiation exposure compared to traditional dental X-rays.

Better pictures, better diagnostic quality, lower radiation…it’s a winner!