Whether you’re coming in for a dental checkup or you’re having an issue resolved, we focus on making our patients feel comfortable and cared for throughout the process. Our services include:

We continually improve technology for the benefit of our patients and for earlier, more accurate detection of dental concerns – which can often mean an easier treatment process. For example, we offer:

  • A DEXIS digital X-ray system that’s more comfortable for patients and reduces radiation exposure by two-thirds compared to traditional X-rays. It features far superior images for earlier diagnosis, with immediate access to images for a shorter waiting time. It’s also safer for the environment, with no chemical disposal.
  • Optical scanner: We have a new optical dental scanner called the TRIOS® 3Shape Dental Scanner. This amazing technology allows us to provide more accurately fitting crowns and bridges with just a quick scan and without taking dental impressions. This means no more gooey dental impressions and no wait—just a quick scan to create the best-fitting and best-looking crown or bridge possible.
  • Our crowns (or caps, as many people call them) are made by a dental lab that utilizes computer-controlled CNC technology, which also helps to ensure the best fit. In addition, this technology enables Dr. Nobile to offer all-ceramic crowns and bridges.

“Sweet air,” or nitrous oxide gas, is also available for those who need it, helping patients feel more relaxed and calm.

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